Our Vision

About GiveMore Connections


In the summer of 2016, GiveMore Connections was founded by Stephen Givens (GIVE) and Michael Moore (MORE). It was evident that there was an overwhelming need in the community for people to have appropriate connections to resources in the mental health field. From there, a collaborative effort was made to explore the various avenues of need and assist those to finding the connections for them. These connections range from the development of social skills for youth to the help of strengthening marriages and getting people the quality counseling services they need and the journey to explore more is just beginning.

We hope you will find the value in our mission here and will join us! If there is a passion of yours that we are exploring or you have ideas of your own of areas for us to discover, we encourage you to reach out to us as we are always looking for new ways to help others. Another great way to get involved is by financially supporting our work! Great quality comes at a price! You can play a significant part by helping us make these connections more available to people in need.

Stephen Givens, Co-Founder
Michael Moore, Co-Founder