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Social Skills Camp


Kids today are constantly bombarded by technology (Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, Texting, Online Chat Rooms, etc). However, a lack of opportunity for kids to make connections and develop their social skills has declined over the years. GiveMore Connection now has the opportunity for kids to develop these skills through the structure of camp.

We have all heard the song "Why can't we be friends?" right? Well sometimes, this can be a challenge growing up. Camp Connect is a weeklong, social skills day camp for a variety of children who struggle with making connections and who may have developmental disabilities.

The camp emphasizes core social skill developments to work with children learn how to make appropriate connections with others. Areas of development including Coping Skills, Cooperation, Connecting, Communication, and Compliance in which we like to call the "5 C's." The Camp is divided into 3 weeks to meet the needs of development, age, and severity of the need.

  • The first week focuses on children 1st through the 4th grade.

  • The second week is attentive to children 5th through 8th grade. The camp is open to ALL Children as well as children with Individual Educational Plans (IEP), children with cognitive development issues, and mild autism. 

  • As an extension to the development of social skills, our camp seeks to address the challenges facing our families in the Autism Community. The final week of camp is designated for children with Autism that have moderate to severe range. This week is open to ALL children with Autism from school age up to 21.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported 1 in 68 children are now effected by Autism (2014). Autism appears to be more of a trend in boys (1 in 42) in comparison to girls (1 in 189). However, Social Skills camps have seen to have a great effect for children with Autism. In fact, research has found an increase of development up to 15% with children who participate in the social skill camp.

A date and location for “Camp Connect 2019” has not yet been determined. But, you may still let us know of your interest, if you have a family member that you think would benefit from taking part in this special camp. Please indicate which of the three (3) weeks you are interested in.

Week 1: for 1st - 4th grades

Week 2: for 5th – 8th grades

Week 3: for individuals with autism from grade school to adult.

connecting couples

Marriage Enrichment Retreats


Marriage is an important commitment we support. In today’s society, divorce rates have skyrocketed to 50% in the United States. Research has also found the likelihood for divorce increases by 10% with every marriage following the first marriage (i.e. 2nd marriage 60%, 3rd marriage 70%). There are so many benefits to being married and we are determined to help people stay connected in their marital relationship.

The Marriage Enrichment Retreats are developed to allow couples to disconnect for a weekend to spend time developing their relationship. So far, three retreats have been developed to explore:

  1. The benefits of marriage

  2. The Nuts and Bolts of Marriage

  3. Preparing for the Golden Days (Retirement) of Marriage

The Retreats are designed by professionals in the mental health field who specialize in couples therapy to ensure quality therapeutic activities are implemented in the process.

GiveMore Connections provides three Marriage Enrichment Retreats for interested churches and organizations at a nominal cost. These retreats rotate on an annual basis.

  • The Cruise is Coming to Town – This Love Boat themed retreat focuses on early marriage and the joys and benefits to be found there.

  • Building a Stronger Marriage – This construction themed retreat focuses on established marriages and looks at the nuts and bolts of a good marriage.

  • Prepare to Enjoy Your Golden Years – This retreat helps long established marriages refocus on each other, after the nest is empty and it’s just the two of them.

If interested, contact us and we’ll see how we can best serve your group.

Connections for those in need



Everyone needs someone to talk to sometimes! And when we are in our valleys of life, it is important to obtain good quality services to help us climb back up to our summit. Unfortunately, with insurance now having such high deductibles, it becomes difficult to afford quality services to help you. Sometimes we can also find ourselves in a financial hardship and simply just cannot pay for services. The Mental Health Assistance Program (MHAP) is designed to help people connect to the treatments they need by providing financial aid to make professional services more affordable. The MHAP will help reduce the cost so the client can pay within their means relieving the worry of high bills so they can focus on getting the help they need.

If the high costs of insurance or mental health providers are keeping you or a loved one from seeking the help they need, GiveMore Connections may be able to help defray some of those costs. Let us know of your situation and let’s see if we can help.


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